Avast Secure Browser for Windows

Avast Secure Browser for Windows

Quick, free, and simple to utilize private program from Avast.

Avast Secure Browser for Windows


Avast Secure Browser is an exceptional internet browser worked to give extra security. The worth of insurance and security when surfing on the web ought not be disregarded. No one can tell when you’ll end up designated by malware and infections that exploit your information or undermines your Windows PC in case you’re not wary and cautious. This new program by Avast gave clients includes that assist them with perusing the web more secure and better.

Remarkable usefulness

Avast Secure Browser accompanies worked in protection and security includes that safeguard you against an assortment of assaults without compromising execution and unwavering quality. That is on the grounds that it depends on Chromium – an open-source project. This implies that it gives all the proficiency and usefulness of Google Chrome. Its graphical UI is actually as old as’ local program.

The key qualification is that the Avast Secure Browser has inherent protection and security components and this everything is accessible by the snap of a button. To be exact you can get an unmistakable outline in the Security and Privacy Center by tapping on the safeguard symbol, shown on the right of the location bar. At the point when you press the symbol, it will stack another tab showing all the protection and security includes that the program gives to assist with safeguarding you against assaults and tricks.

The Anti-Tracking is a helpful component that squares web servers from following your web-based exercises. Then again, the Anti-Fingerprinting highlight makes your internet based finger impression more special and less noticeable while the Privacy Cleaner and Stealth Mode ensures your perusing history and prevents it from saving any reserves and mess that could abuse your protection.

Security highlights

Avast Secure Software additionally accompanies continuous, day in and day out checking abilities that make your client experience stunningly better. The Extension Guard usefulness disallows outsider applications from being introduced except if they’ve been confirmed by you – the client. Against Phishing and Bank Mode blocks malignant locales and stops them from taking your own data by keylogging.

This protection program additionally accompanies a Password Manager that assists you with signing in rapidly while keeping your login data secure. On account of its lightweight Chromium assemble, the speed of the Avast Secure Browser will surely fight with comparable applications like Google and Firefox; notwithstanding, the underlying provisions like Adblock and Flash Block will deliver it much faster. Adblock impedes most notices so pages load speedier.

Streak Protect disturbs Flash-based substance that can overpower registering assets and hinder the entire framework. With Avast, you will actually want to screen which sites will get to their webcam in light of the Webcam Guard highlight. The web index will likewise force HTTPS encryption on associations while surfing. Finally, the program likewise accompanies an enhanced video downloader yet isn’t viable for certain sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Champion internet browser

Avast guarantees the wellbeing and insurance of its clients with Avast Secure Browser. For extra solidness, other Avast items, for example, Avast Free Antivirus and Avast Secureline VPN can be joined effectively with the Avast Secure Browser. The catch is that it gives satisfactory web-based insurance to basically ensure a private web client experience. Speedy, safe, and easy to understand, Avast Secure Browser is unquestionably worth an attempt.



Avast Secure Browser for Windows 91.0 for Windows


Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows XP



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English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese



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Friday, June 28th 2019


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