Kim Jong-un Lost Weight. How or Why No One Knows


At the point when North Korea’s chief, Kim Jong-un, reappeared for this present month following a four-week rest from general visibility, outside examiners and media sources started reading state news media for hints to clarify his most recent nonattendance.

First thing, they saw that Mr. Kim, 37, looked impressively more slender than previously. In the wake of contrasting appearances by Mr. Kim on North Korean TV as of late, examiners saw the earthy colored calfskin band of his wristwatch looked a couple of bit more tight, supporting that he had shed pounds.

However, that was however much they needed to go on.

Mr. Kim’s wellbeing, similar to the North Korean system itself, is covered in such mystery that specialists are frequently compelled to divine signs utilizing unadulterated mystery. Did he have a wellbeing alarm? Or then again did the stout tyrant of the world’s most segregated nation at last choose to stop eating so much junk food?

These inquiries — and the over the top thoughtfulness regarding unremarkable subtleties like Mr. Kim’s wristwatch — may seem like the inactive jabber of big name tattle. However, genuine experts say they should utilize all of data accessible to attempt to answer a significantly more genuine inquiry: What might happen to North Korea’s atomic stockpile and its kin, who have been educated to love Mr. Kim, on the off chance that he were out of nowhere crippled?

Over the course of the end of the week, North Korean state media offered its own twist on Mr. Kim’s weight reduction when it revealed normal individuals’ response to seeing him at a broadly broadcast craftsmanship execution.

Mr. Kim at the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2019.Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

“What made individuals, including myself, most sorrowful when we watched the show was the manner by which skinny Dear Leader Kim Jong-un has looked,” a moderately aged North Korean man in a straw cap told the North’s state-run Central Television. “Everyone says they could barely retaliate tears.”

Mr. Kim, even after his weight reduction, isn’t by and large smooth. He could undoubtedly gauge twice however much numerous North Koreans grown-ups, as per a few investigators. (One examination assessed that North Korean exiles weighed around 115 pounds when they escaped their nation of origin, persistently stricken by food deficiencies.)


In the North, where all news reports are painstakingly blue-penciled and prearranged by government disseminators, it is profoundly strange for the state media to specify Mr. Kim’s actual appearance.

“His weight reduction was apparent to the point that it was absolutely impossible that North Korean individuals would not have seen it,” said Cheong Seong-chang, head of the Center for North Korean Studies at the Sejong Institute in South Korea. “The system needed to affirm the self-evident and sign to individuals that everything was well with the forerunner to forestall talk about his wellbeing running wild.”

North Korea likewise utilized the event to spread publicity when the nation is confronting an approaching food deficiency. The system needed to show individuals that Mr. Kim​ ​has been battling to direct the country through sanctions, the pandemic and catastrophic events, Mr. Cheong said. At the point when Mr. Kim went to the workmanship execution, he wore an evil fitting loose white shirt, as though to feature his magnanimous weight reduction.

Mr. Kim watching an exhibition with his significant other, Ri Sol Ju, in 2020.Credit…Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service, by means of Associated Press

At the point when Mr. Kim took over North Korea after the demise of his dad, Kim Jong-il, in 2011, he was accepted to weigh 198 pounds, as indicated by South Korean knowledge authorities. In any case, they said that Mr. Kim, around 5 feet 7 inches, continued gaining weight, weighing as much as 308 pounds last year.

His innocent energy has been supplanted by a frequently drained and puffy look, bringing up issues about his wellbeing and the eventual fate of the Kim tradition. Mr. Kim has no youngster mature enough to acquire the reins should he out of nowhere bite the dust. North Korea has been controlled by the Kim family for three ages.

South Korean and American knowledge authorities are accepted to have acquired significant understanding into Mr. Kim’s wellbeing when he met with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, and previous President Donald J. Trump, a few times in 2018 and 2019.

At the point when Mr. Kim went with Mr. Moon on a short climb to the pinnacle of Mt. Baekdu following their gathering in Pyongyang in 2018, he was ​breathing hard, as per video film from South Korean TV correspondents. Mr. Moon, 68, barely appeared to start to perspire.

“Aren’t you running low on breath?” Mr. Kim asked Mr. Moon when they later rode a streetcar together.

“I’m fine,” Mr. Moon said.

“I’m so jealous of you!” said Mr. Kim’s better half, Ri Sol-ju, who joined for the excursion.

Mr. Kim and his better half waving on a landing area in Pyongyang, in 2019. His better half has grumbled about his weight.

Mr. Kim and his better half waving on a landing area in Pyongyang, in 2019. His better half has grumbled about his weight.Credit…Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service, through Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Ms. Ri has griped to South Korean guests that she has attempted to convince her significant other to stop his unfortunate quirks like chain-smoking. In North Korea, nobody with the exception of Ms. Ri can dare offer such guidance to Mr. Kim, who has executed senior authorities, including his uncle, in political cleanses, investigators say.

During the trolley ride, Mr. Moon and his better half, Kim Jung-sook, carefully clarified the medical advantages of standard exercise while Mr. Kim seemed to glance out the window uninterested.

Both Mr. Kim’s dad and granddad kicked the bucket of heart inconvenience. That family ancestry has helped feed theory about Mr. Kim’s wellbeing at whatever point he disappears from general society for quite a long time at a time.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's health is the biggest threat to his power  — and his sister's only shot at succession - ABC News

One such nonappearance in 2014 incited bits of hearsay that Mr. Kim may have been grounded by a serious headache, gout or even an upset. At the point when Mr. Kim reemerged in news media photographs, South Korean columnists and experts saw a little, golf-truck like vehicle toward the side of one picture, and guessed that Mr. Kim was experiencing difficulty strolling unassisted. North Korean state TV later showed him strolling with a limp and a stick, saying that he was “not feeling good.”

Last year, another vanishing from general visibility set off wild theory from outside eyewitnesses that Mr. Kim was “in grave peril” and had potentially endured a heart medical procedure or was “mind dead.” Mr. Kim before long reemerged seeming as though his old self, yet that didn’t prevent South Korean journalists from seeing a dim spot close to his wrist. Could it be the place where the specialists slid in a cylinder to lead a detour a medical procedure?

Kim Jong-un's 'weight problem' and the pitfalls of spy briefings - BBC NewsMr. Kim’s wellbeing stays a delayed bomb, said Lee Byong-chul, a North Korea master at Kyungnam University’s Institute for Far Eastern Studies in Seoul.

“You needn’t bother with a specialist to reveal to you that Kim Jong-un has a medical issue: Just think about his weight, appearance, step, breathing and chain-smoking,” Mr. Lee said. “Furthermore, we do not understand who will order and control North Korea’s atomic weapons when he is no more.”

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