Pakistan lifts age restriction for people wishing to travel abroad : Covid vaccine

ISLAMABAD: People intending to travel abroad for employment or higher studies will no longer have to wait their turn for Covid-19 vaccine as the government has decided to lift age restriction for them.

Sources having knowledge of the matter told the News that people wishing to travel abroad can now get vaccinated against the coronavirus at any vaccination centre in the country from May 21 (tomorrow).

They will have to show their work permit, Iqama, and student visa to be eligible to get inoculated, the sources said.

They said the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has given approval in this regard. The decision to lift the age restriction was made on requests of people who were unable to travel to different countries sans Covid-19 vaccination.

On May 16, the government opened up Covid-19 vaccine registration for citizens aged 30 and above.

“As vaccine supply continues to improve and vaccination capacity gets enhanced in all Federating units, we continue to expand the categories of those who are eligible to get vaccinated,” Asad Umar, who heads the NCOC, had tweeted.

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